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Your workforce is out in the field every day, and you need to be able to contact them no matter where their job takes them. T&W Electronics MOTOTRBO™ Commercial System provides you high quality, voice and data communication, simply and affordably. You don’t need an FCC license, a high-powered transmitter or antenna towers to gain the benefits of MOTOTRBO. Our MOTOTRBO Commercial System provides you with the option of buying monthly airtime service on our regional radio network.

Starting at less than $6 per unit per month, T&W will develop a cost effective solution that fits YOUR business. Whether you need short term rentals, seasonal rentals, airtime only or airtime with GPS, call 800-531-8409 today for a rate just right for you!

Sign Up and Start Talking
You need communications where you do business. Our MOTOTRBO Commercial System provides roaming capability between radio sites to deliver wide area coverage for your multi-location or fleet-based business.

Wide Coverage and Low Cost to Operate
Enjoy seamless communications and talk all you want starting at less than $6 per unit per month!

Locate Your Fleet
Locate and track your vehicles with GPS technology integrated into each MOTOTRBO radio.

Text Messaging
Send short messages between radios when it’s not necessary to interrupt workers for routine communication.

Digital Quality
Motorola MOTOTRBO radios from T&W Electronics utilize TDMA digital technology to provide clearer audio throughout the coverage area, integrated data applications and up to 40% longer battery life.

True Radio Dispatch
When you use two-way radios for your business you can contact your entire workgroup all-at-once with a single press of the push-to-talk button. No more cellular phone dialing required. The office can monitor job site activities. You can select and talk to a small work team or your entire fleet. You can also quickly determine who is closest and available to respond to a service call.

Tough and Durable
MOTOTRBO radios are built to the most demanding specs, including IP57 for water submersibility (portables) and U.S. Military 810 C, D, E and F. Intrinsically safe models are also available when purchased and equipped with an FM battery, for use where flammable gas, vapors or combustible dust may be present.

Cellular Phone Integration
With Motorola’s WAVE capability you can now integrate cellular smartphones into your essential 2-way radio system.  For those staff members that prefer to use a cellular web device or workers outside of the radio system coverage – Motorola can provide you an effective solution too keep all of your workers connected.

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