Not every company needs a Motorola Radio system for full-time use. When short-term solutions are required, our radio rentals will provide the connectivity and security features your company needs at pricing that’s easier on your budget. At T&W Electronics, we provide current, state-of-the-art radios for any special event or short-term project. Whether you need to rent daily, weekly or monthly, we can meet your needs. We offer pickup and delivery — and even provide on-site personnel, if needed. We also have rentals for use on our regional trunking systems, allowing wide area coverage. If you need temporary on-site communication, Motorola two way radios may be the perfect solution. As an Authorized Motorola Two Way Radio Dealer, we offer a wide variety of models and accessories to meet your every communication need. We will tailor a solution to fit your communication needs.
two way radio rentals include:

Commercial Tier Radios
Commercial tier radios are appropriate for light duty events such as tradeshows, parades, sporting events, and movie production. Our two way radios under rental contract save you money while providing the reliability you need.

Analog Professional Tier Radios
These 2 way radios are solid and rugged, ready to tackle your industrial project or your medium-heavy duty event.

We also rent the Motorola two way radio accessories you will need for your event including spare batteries, chargers, ear pieces and speaker mics.

Two Way Radio Rental Applications:
Motorola professional two way radios are durable, easy to use, large transmit / receive area, and we recommend them for the following applications.

  • Special Event Security
  • Construction Industry
  • Entertainment Industry (Concerts and tours)
  • Trade Shows and Conventions
  • Golf Tournaments
  • Sporting Events
  • Parades
  • Fairs
  • Athletic Events
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