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Motorola EX600 XLS Portable Two-Way Radio

This product may no longer be manufactured or available for sale.

Power and versatility are yours with the Motorola EX600•XLS™ portable two-way radio. At just 9.5 ounces, this full-keypad portable radio is compact and lightweight. This radio’s many outstanding features include: six programmable buttons, a full range of signaling options and dual mode operation capability, which switches between LTR® and Conventional modes. User-friendly icons on the 14-character alphanumeric display provide clear, understandable information at a glance.

  • Due to the FCC Narrowbanding mandate in the United States, product specifications and brochures for Motorola Solutions two-way radio products may indicate 25 kHz/12.5 kHz analog/digital operation which may not be the standard mode of operation at the time of shipment after Jan. 1st 2013.
  • Alphanumeric, 14-character display
    Uses icons and text to provide clear indication.
  • Audio enhancement
    Reduces background noise and improves sound quality.
  • Comfortable ergonomic design
    Light weight makes radios easy to hold and carry.
  • Expansive coverage area
    Connects to 160 conventional channels and 15 trunked zones with 16 talkgroups each.
  • Programmable emergency button
    Sounds alarm or alerts dispatcher in urgent situations.
  • Quik CallTM and MDC 1200 signaling
    Sends and receives through features such as Push-to-Talk, Selective Call and Call Alert.
  • Scanning capabilities
    Secures your ability to receive every transmission.
  • Versatile accessories
    Allows users to customize radios as business evolves.
  • Voice-operated transmission
    Enables hands-free operation with optional headset.
Performance Characteristics

Coverage area
Programming software allows adjustable power output for varying coverage

Estimated battery life1
10 hours

Frequency band

Frequency range
VHF: 136-174MHz; UHF: 403-470, 450-512MHz

UHF: 4W; VHF: 5W

Standard battery chemistry type
Lithium Ion

Physical Characteristics

Available option board

Dimensions H x W x D (with standard battery)
3.74 x 1.04 x 2.17 in.


Emergency button


Weight (with standard battery)
9.5 oz

Radio Features

Call tones
Quik Call II™

With cable

Front panel programmable

Number of channels

Programmable buttons

Quik Call II™, DTMF, MDC-1200

Vibrate alert

Voice operated transmit (VOX)


System type
Conventional, LTR trunking

User Environment

Intrinsically safe

Mil spec
810 C, 810 D, 810 E


Standard package
Li-ion battery, intelli-charger, antenna, carry holster, operating instruction manual

Standard warranty
3 years

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